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Internal Captcha background image issue

Guest Bamfer

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Yesterday it came to my attention that no one was able to register after the upgrade to 2.3.6 I did October 3. Thankfully I found the fix here by eliminating the series of numbers/letters (-ra3X2RQB) in the ReCaptcha Private Key setting in the Tools/Settings. Now, there seems to be an issue where the background is showing several of the captcha backgrounds at once (see image). I thought it was difficult to read before. It sure is now. How can I fix this? I have the Captcha turned off. Instead, I am using an input box so bots cannot register/post.

Will this all be corrected in 3.0? And will this be fixed so even I with above average sight will be able to even read the letters/numbers? Its very hard to read what's in the box sometimes. And I did replace class_captcha_plugin/default.php, btw.


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The merging of backgrounds is intentional - it's much harder for bots to read them that way.

Unfortunately, with a randomly generated captcha, it's impossible to guarantee an image to be easily readable. After all, the easier it is for you to read, the easier it is for bots to read. If you click the image, as the description states, it will load a new one.

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