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Link Updater Addon for 3.0

Guest noop

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Hello everyone

I was just wondering if IPB will be making an add-on that we can add when converting our board from ipb 2.3.5 to 3.0.0 that will update all of the links that 2.3.5 uses to the working links that 3.0.0 will be using.

So this:

would be:
http://forums.invisionpower.com/showforum/298 (Or however the new seo links are suppose to be)

Or will the old links in posts work fine with 3.0?

Just a thought

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This is a very interesting and relevant discussion from both an end-user perspective and the importance of not losing positioning in the search engines. I think the ideal solution would be that the redirects work (either through built-in code within IPB 3 or via .htaccess) that would return an HTTP 301 permanent redirect to the new URL for the best benefit to visitors and SE bots.


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