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Dump IP.Blog and develop bridge module only

Guest ikillbill

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Just my 2 cents.

I chose to get IPB's suite because I liked IP.Blog and Gallery better then any other software out there.

It gets what I need to done and it's easily skinnable.

I can't say how many times I've attempted to use a CMS or Blog or Gallery software and I could never get it to look right. I'd fix something and then something else would look terrible. Fix that and something else wouldn't look right and that circle goes on for hours.

My users like IP.Blog, actually use them because they are right there on a forum they frequent and don't need to do anything special to get to them or have them off on another site.

Sure it's not a CMS, but why should it be? The blog to me is not for managing content, that's what I got Board for. <_<

Very convincing and a good point.
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You can export whatever you want. Use something like phpMyAdmin. Its simple. Select the table and export its contents, then re-import them into another database. Sure, you would have to change some of the field names but unless every software developer starts using the same database structure, that's expected.

I created a PHP work around a few years ago and it wasn't too hard to create a login system using the IPB database. I understand databases pretty well...the problem is, Invision changed how the passwords are stored and made it a lot harder to do this. Something about the salt and the pass and then some magic sauce I never quite got around to because it just didn't really matter to me at that point. Probably trying to make it more secure even from the admin (something I actually admire).

The point is, it is pretty easy to say Export Whatever You Want and not have a clue about what you are actually implying. If I can't get the passwords into the system, it means nothing...it isn't seamless. This is the point I'm making.

I don't want or expect Invision to stop making their blog...its a cool product, but it really doesn't fit into a 'professional' site...one where you are actually running something other than just a forum. It looks like an add-on to a forum...I need a CMS that has blogging capabilities built in. Sounds like this is what the original author to this post wants too. I'd just like to see a good easy way to get these logins to other forums and I'd be willing to pay for it (not a one off payment, because we all know code on both sides change...something that IPB was willing to support).
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