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MyISAM or not innoDB

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I had some issues with MySQL performance, especially when there is over 400users - seems that gallery makes this issue, because when I disable it it runs much faster.
I had read few articles about differences between performance of MyISAM and innoBD table types. I'm nearly decided to move to innoDB, but I'm not sure if I have to do this only for some tables or do this for all tables in db, except sessions whil remain HEAP.

Do any of You have some experience with performance on both of that db types?

My server is DELL PowerEdge 2950III
xeon quad core 2ghz,
8gb ram
3x146 gb sas disks in raid5 for system and www,
2x146 gb sas disks in raid0 only for db.

Should it faster my site or it's not worth?
Thanks in advance


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