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skin guides?

Guest TaeTae

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im not sure how much the 3.0 will differ from the 2.x and in what way the blog and gallery will be incorporated into this.. but i wouldnt mind seeing a skin guide for the 3.0 board aswell as the blog and gallery


the last update to the blog really messed up our site skin and its a pain to find stuff and make it look like it should again.. ive been messing with IPB and skinning for several years now and running into trouble here and there, let alone beginners who just start out..

when i just started out skinning the guide really helped me out finding the right parts.. css guides would surely be a nice addition in keeping the IPB skinning user friendly

i think i read somewhere there was going to be something like an easy color changer added to 3.0.. but tbh ive never even made use of the CSS easy mode in the current version and i doubt i will use anything like it in the next version.. for more hardcore skinning advanced mode is the way to go.. a simple guide to show what is called what would really help out alot of skinners out there

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