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So is the customer preview out?

Guest carterhawk

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Thats what i needed to know, thanks. I'll ask my guy about getting access later today.

You're welcome. I'm not too sure if it's going to break IPS terms but you should contact them to know the answer.
If you're his partner and your friend is a customer, I don't know if he is allowed to give you access trough his account.
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I run forums for people, it's what i've done for 4 years and counting. I am personally responsible for three sales of the forum software simply because I believe it is a good product. I try to spread the good word of IPB everywhere I go.

Simply, ask IPS Staff if you can get access into IPB 3 trough your friend's account. I believe they can reply to your question here or here: support[at]invisionpower.com
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