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Buttons in IPB3

Guest Yuksel

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It was in the company blog so you can read it there :P Which also means we can actually answer your question, IPB3 uses CSS buttons so people can easily translate every aspect of the board without having to go into photoshop and changing the text. :)

Hope that answers it for ya.

5) I don't think removing *all* images from the templates is ideal. <img> tags are used where appropriate. However' date=' buttons that have language strings in them (e.g. 'New Topic') are now CSS generated, so you just need to change the background image in the CSS to change the button - no more need to change a dozen buttons in Photoshop. Additionally, I'm trying to move all icons into macros, so that if you want to switch the icon set we're using for another, it's pretty easy to go through and change.[/quote']

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