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Members' Status

Guest Jean

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My concept is about the Members Status, when a member wants to "go" somewhere and he can't read new PMs,
the sender will get an automatic private message with the status of the member. The modes are:

[u]status[/u]: Here

[u]status[/u]: Away

[u]status[/u]: Busy

[u]status[/u]: N/A

[u]status[/u]: offline (if a member logged out)

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Is this saying that when you send someone a PM and they are not logged in the sender wont be able to send it?
I agree with Lindsey.

HOWEVER, I think for staff this could be useful. For example, if an admin goes on vacation, they should be able to do something like this so if a member sends them a pm they get a confirmation message that says
"This staff member is currently on vacation. If you are contacting them to receive support, please send this message to one of their co-workers."
or something like that.

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