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WebFusion VPS running slow?

Guest Lenny Warren

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Hi there,

I'm currently on a VPS 2.0 Pro package from WebFusion. Ubuntu.

I've been with them for years, first on shared, now VPS. I generally run Invision discussion forums on them, as well as a few static websites.

Ok for disk space, memory etc. but recently it has been sooooooo slow, lag is getting unacceptable. It is intermittently ok, then slow as treacle. My customers are starting to complain.

I've spoken to tech support, and all they say is it's fine, but will look into it and then contact data centre.

To be honest, over the last few years I've seen a decline in tech support and customer service, but wondering what to do now. I pay annually and my budget is about

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We are not allowed to make hosting recommendations as that is against the forum rules due to IPS also doing hosting.

I improved the performance on my IPB by installing eAccelerator and enabling by putting $INFO['use_eaccelerator'] = 1; into the conf_global.php file.

I also installed memcached to help reduce the database load.

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