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Skins for different groups

Guest DavidC

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My host informed me that search engine bots are likely be the cause of a very high amount of hits (individual files such as html, images etc) on the site and that I need to reduce it or upgrade to a different hosting package. I want to keep bots indexing the forum but at the same time to reduce the number of files they are downloading each page.

What I planned to do was to install a very basic theme with little or no images and make the Bots user group use that instead of the default skin. I cant however find the setting in the admin panel to allow me to do this. I am sure I have seen it before but all I can find is a setting which forces all members to a new skin in Skin Tools "Update Members Skin Choice".

Is there a setting to allow user groups use a specific skin, if so where is it? Or if you have any other suggestions to reduce the number of hits while keeping bots please let me know.

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