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Trying to change to IP.Board!

Guest fertilityzone

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Hi there

We have recently tested out the board with a view to changing our current forum over, to include hosting.

Last Friday I emailed sales and conversions, but have not had a reply. So I re sent the emails and also to accounts, but still no reply?

I am in the UK, so the toll free number is not an option.

I wonder if anyone can help me? We are really keen to transfer our forum and hosting but can't communicate with Invision?!

Many thanks

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IPS is open today. o_O

I'm sorry but I think they're offline today because IPS are not working in the weekend.

Thank you for replying, I appreciate it

It was last Friday that I emailed them, should it take a week to get a response?

Many thanks

I don't know what is the procedure but I think they will give you the answer next week. (if not, it must be a problem / a thing they can't help).
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