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Feature request

Guest JoeWied

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I would like to realize a multiforum. And for each category i want have a different skin.
Unfortunately the skin in IPB is changing to the default-skin if someone jumps to the login-/register-screen.

This means, it is not possible to have completly different skins and it is not possible to offer to customers different owned (sub)forums with
their skins overall within one installed IBP-instance.
The target for this feature-request is, that i would like offer to some societies their own forum with one software-installation of IPB. Therefore
the login/register-skin should have the same look-and-feel as the choosed forum-skin.
And this could be different from one to the other society.

As you can see at http://www.forumprofi.de/forum2/ there are competitors, they are able to do that. I'am wondering if you can manage
this feature-request.

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I am not sure, but I get the feeling that you might be going past what you have licensed the software for.

I don't think, that i treat the license. I only want host (one domain, one server) some nonprofit clan-forums.
That means each game-clan / society receive a own categorie with their skin and a very small amount of sub-forums.

But the look&feel is very unattractive and unusable, if the skin is going changed to default, if a member click to login- / register / search.
No user likes it, if there are skin-changes within a category.

Doesn't have anybody the same interest, that IPB can handle different skins heterogenous thru the whole system ?
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Your setup may seem logical in your mind, but how would the software know?

i.e. you visit the search page, it has to pick a skin right? How is it supposed to know to pick clan123's skin over someotherclan's skin? It doesn't, so it picks the default skin.

Seems logical to me.

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