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BAN reason is not shown to the banned member


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[quote name='Black Prowler' post='1765741' date='Oct 20 2008, 08:58 AM']Why would this be a good thing? :rolleyes:

I'm not even sure IPB shows the reason the user is banned when they try to login. I think it just says they are suspended or banned until a specified date you assign via the acp. :cool:

it is bcoz atleast the banned members must come to know what was the reason why they were banned

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[quote name='Jυra' post='1766005' date='Oct 21 2008, 07:42 AM']I would like the ban reason (something that I can type) to show in the ACP. You know... So other admins won't remove the ban or if I forget why an IP or account was banned.

As for showing to the user. Eh.

They should know why they're banned.

They might, but what if they leave for 5 months.. Come back and see they are banned. They might not remember why.. That's why this is a good idea :rolleyes:

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I also think it would be a handy thing to show the user.

Possibly have 2 boxes to enter the ban reason, one that is shown to the user and one for admin users so you can elaborate on the reason for other administrators. If none is entered for the admin it uses the same reason as the user, if none is entered for the reason nothing is shown for them.

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Couldn't you just use the warn panel. Use the reason field for the admin notes, use the ban member feature, then elect to send them an email using the appropriate fields?

Seems like all of this functionality is already there in the warn panel if you ask me.

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The original topic creator of this discussion doesn't realize something. When you warn someone, the system allows you to also send a message indicating why the person received a warning strike and this is optional. If someone is about to be banned, chances are, they have already been warned they are about to be banned.

When someone is banned, or that it comes down with someone being banned, that means that the member being banned has been disruptive to the forums and that they have been given appropriate warnings regarding the fact they they are going to be banned if they continue with their behavior. Most of everyone here probably have their forums set up where banned members cannot access any part of the forums, view images, post messages or send PM's.

It is not necessary for a banned member to read the reason for why they have been banned. I don't give anyone a reason, although, a simple 'verbal' warning sent either through a PM or through a posted message in the topic they are participating in. That's enough to get them to back off. But, if the person is being deliberately offensive, they are summarily banned permanently from the forums.

I just don't see any reason for a banned member to know why they have been banned.

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