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IP.Board Pro Skin

Guest Yorkshireman

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OK, well, we are all aware of this bug in the IP.Board Pro Skin... right? The title bit of the pop-up message saying your settings have been saved.

If not, then refer to my screen shot.


The point to this topic I hear you ask? ...well, mainly to rest my mind; it's one bug that totally ruins this skin for me and thus annoys me. :( I am aware IP.Board 3.0 will be a priority and may even remove any need to fix this bug, but please, can someone with access to the skin CSS/AdminCP (of this board) remove this bug, PLEASE? I don't really visit other boards so don't worry about doing an update for them ( :P ) ...just update this place--I beg you?

Other users wanting to abuse me please don't. If a member of staff says *no* then that's fine (since there's nothing more I can do if they say *no*), but I don't need a bunch of members bashing me just for asking the above; it's just a friendly request.

Edit: By "fix" I mean, remove the image as the title background and replace it with an appropriate colour.

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Personally, I think we have more pressing issues at the moment. But it wouldn't be me fixing it anyways, so I won't comment further than that.

I am aware that you have higher priorities, e.g. IP.Board 3.0, but I was just asking. (Besides, I already mentioned you may have other priorities; it's not like I am naive enough to think you don't. <_< )

I'm just curious how much effort and aggravation went in to trying to snag a screeny of that.

It's on long enough to casually* screenshot it, though, I did think it would be a bugger to get a screenshot of but it turns out it wasn't. :D

* - i.e. just simply press the key without keeping an eye on the page or rushing to press the key.

Clearly my request isn't going to be seen to, so... maybe a topic lock is in call? ... 'twas worth a shot, at least. :P
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