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ibf_posts crashed yetagain

Guest Cool Surfer

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I think there is a bug or vulnerability un attended in the invision forum script.
The posts in my forum have vanished again, despite changing the password, then changing the server.

It is a sad thing, it has happened more than 20 times. Getting the ips driver error. Checked the sql, and there are no posts.

Is there a chance that they are there n sql server is down?


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I presume we don't host you? I'd check with your webhost. MySQL shouldn't randomly delete databses, although I suspect that one of the .myi files is corrupting. I recall this being an issue on older MySQL versions (3.23 or so).

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Yes, this is a support issue. 2.3.6 ONLY included reCAPTCHA integration and changes to the default captcha. Nothing else can really be attributed to "it started with 2.3.6" except captcha issues.

Tables disappearing is not the software's fault - there's something going on with the server. Bad sector on disk, for instance, can cause it. Or something corrupted in one of the mysql files as Matt said. Submit a ticket if you need our assistance, but ultimately it will most likely be something your host will need to look into.

As per the forum rules...

Do you need technical support?

You can obtain support via the client area, or you can try to obtain peer-to-peer support at IPS Resources.

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