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Tasks in v3

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Although we can 'cron' a task already what I would like to be able to do is have the choice of running all tasks from cron. So rather than a cron for each IP.B task I could setup a general cron job that fires up the task processor and it then runs the tasks.

Why? Well I would prefer that my tasks be run by my system rather than depending on 'activity'.


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I don't know of any real way you can do that. What if you have 3 tasks, just as an example. One is supposed to be run every hour, one every day, and one every week. Your cron would have to be set to run every hour. Then it would of course run the hourly one, but then daily it would also on the same request run the daily task? Then weekly it would run all 3 at once?

Once you hit 20 tasks installed, this could get very resource intensive to be running multiple tasks on one request. Thus, it's best to setup a different cron for each task (especially since each task runs at different intervals to begin with).

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We are probably going to start being religious here :cool:

I want the option to use whatever method I like to trigger the IP.Boardd task manager.

Let me see if I can make my request more 'valid'.

Manual Tasks
I really do not want to add individual tasks to cron, mainly because I will forget they are there, I have to check if some component/widget has added another .. yadder yadder. I am fixated on IP.Board so I will always want the one cron job but I do not want to manage lots.

What I want to be able to do is setup something (not just cron) to trigger IP.Boards task manager basically just like the Apache/PHP way but I want it to be triggered from CLI/Bash/PHP. So the IP.B scheduler is still deciding what to run I am just probiding the trigger.

With people now able to have multi core/processor, load sharing and all sorts of other things I could actually be running the trigger to take the load off the Apache server! If I wanted to I could manually type in the trigger command ;) but more likely I could run the CLI/PHP with some specific control settings .. like 'nice' the overhead of these tasks could be moved easily (for me) if the scheduler could be turned off from within IP.Board but triggered by a small API like php file.

Is that clearer?


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