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Instant Messaging for IPB 3.0

Guest Bobcheese

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Here's an idea for IPB 3.0:

In addition to personal conversations (now PCs :P), it would be a great feature to have if users could instant message each other. When you click their profile or in the drop down menu in a post an "Instant Message *name here*" option comes up. If the user is online, then a box on the bottom of the screen opens up like gmail chat and the message is displayed. If the user is online but in a different window, either a sound could be made or a box opens up from the bottom right of the screen notifying the user of the incoming IM. There would be options to customize the IM system and block and unblock users from IMing you. If you are offline and an IM was sent, that message would be sent to the inbox and when you login, you are told that *member name here* messaged you and *this time*.

Obviously JAVA is not ideal to use to make this so maybe AJAX is a better choice. What code does Google use for their Gmail chat? Maybe that code could be used to make it.

Thoughts on this?

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I think this should be a 3rd party mod.

It's of no real benefit to a forum.

In my opinion adding on to the IM profile fields would be a better option, ie being able to launch a chat window in the IM client clicked on, along with the ability to add additional IM clients and there html click api.

This would pretty much accomplish the same thing as the OP's suggestion, just keeps it in the dedicated IM client, therefore not slowing your forums down.

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