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Upgrade from 1.2 to 2.1.3 issues

Guest Nuker

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I got a 2.1.3 about 2 years ago. By that time i installed that on a copy of my then current database as a test in a 1.2. It worked alright. However, 2 years later i installed the same script in my current database that is of course bigger than 2 years ago but except for that anything else is the same. The upgrader didnt run properly so i had to upgrade mostly manually. I managed to fix most of the issues but some of them persist. I heard that IPS doesnt upgrade forums with mods, and mine is heavily modded so i decided to try myself departing from the fact i could do it 2 years ago. I believe i can do it, but i just need some hints.

One of the problems is that so many users, specially those registered in the las 2 years cant login even if i give them a new password from the admin panel. At this stage, i figured out how to resolve part of the problem with the logins. I copied all the values from the legacy_password field in ibf_members and inserted them into converge_pass_hash field from ibf_members_converge. However, i dont have where to copy the values for the salt field from so i have to go to the admin panel, set a new password and generate a salt field for an individual member, then the user can login. But the problem is that i cannot this member by member, they are too many! how can i generate the salt values for all the members that are missing it at once? Also, i just discovered that there is still some users who cant login at all. Please help.

Thank you.

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