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Something about banning members

Guest DvirCohen

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I think I have had this question.
If I am reading correctly you mean when you put some one in the banned group and you go to the on line list they are not showing up on that list as in the banned group.
As soon as that member does some thing how ever it will show them as in the banned group.
The easy answer is when you are viewing the online list it shows who is on line as what they are in and what group they were in at the time of the last activity. I assure you though they are in the new group as soon as you move them to that group.

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Well, define "banning"? That's the major problem.

Please see this blog entry for details about banning in IPB3:


I mean when you suspends a member from your board and give him no access to view the board, then he'll be moved to "Banned" group. And when he'll return from his ban, he will return to his previous group.
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