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We respectfully request that you contact our sales department directly. We have had many instance in the past where users, in their natural attempts to assist other users, have accidentally provided incorrect information. If this leads to your purchase and you find out the information you based your purchase on was incorrect, of course that's going to be an unhappy situation for all involved.

I think it's relatively safe to say most of the users here are going to tell you IPB is the best board (else they wouldn't have purchased it and stuck around). :) Most users here are relatively happy with the software, which you can gather from the replies and topics on the board. Anything related to "can the software do this" should be directed to our sales group.

If you are looking for an unbiased opinion from other users, there are some neutral sites such as theadminzone.com you can visit to ask users what they think of our software as well. :)

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