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Is it a security bug?

Guest Cool Surfer

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If the admin creates a thread and doesnt want it ti be read by anyone, then theres no option to create post and set invisible on submitting the post.
Something like pin, unpinn, close tpic on posting.

There is a time delay to unapprove a new topic. First the topic has to be created n posted.

During this time if someone is viewing profile of the admin and repeatedly he is refreshing the page, he will come to know that the admin is creating a post. and once created, he can open the post in another tab. Once in browser cache, he can read the sensitive data, even if it s marked invisibleafter 5 seconds.

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I have suggested this before also, specifically because I have nomination forums that I want under moderation but if one of my global moderators or myself post we have the ability to bypass the moderation queue by default but in those forums I do not want us to bypass the queue. I have to unfortunately turn off being able to bypass moderator queues and set it on a per forum basis.

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