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Dedicated forum header images without the need for separate skins

Guest The Old Man

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I don't know if this is possible, but how about the option to have a different customer forum header for specific forums (in similar fashion to what was added to the blog facility but better implemented), without the need to create and lock a whole new skin for each forum?

We recently discovered the option for locking a skin to a forum could be a good way of allowing members to create forum header images by way of a competition, with the winner getting their design used for one of our off-topic forums, ie. books, dvd's etc. Having to lock an entire skin for a forum seems an overkill way of doing this, if you only want to change the forum header images.

Any thoughts?

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That would be a good idea because I have what some call a bright forum and others think is perfect but I eventually want to place certain headers on certain forums so I would support this but I'm sure this could be pretty easily accomplished with an If statement but if you have a lot of forums this would be long and tedious. <_<

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