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Another ACP suggestion

Guest Morrigan

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I know/hope the ACP is going to be re-vamped but I thought I'd put this out there for you as I just ran into this problem a few minutes ago.

I think the ACP should have a search option for min AND max posts not just one.
I also think there should be a way to mass edit members.

Examples for both I need to find members between certain post ranks (500-1000 in this case) and mass change them to a new group I had just made. One good thing is that I didn't have many members in that range but the bad thing is I would have either had to mysql it or (like I did) manually edit each account.

Just thought I'd put that out there.

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the problem with this is the way it currently works is run a query and grabs all the members that match but then to view one it loads alot more data so to be able to mass edit either alot of data would need to be added and tbh the real estate is more of a problem than the load. Its possible to make a secondary function to the normal search which would return everything as a list but then you would probably need some sort of panel at the top of the results where you could choose some options like e.g. reset members posts, change to group, ban, force revalidation, delete etc. The next question is which default options should be displayed there? then i suppose it should be hookable so you can add your own options but then there's the fact that a wrong submit could leave you in a very sticky situation... e.g. accidently change all members to admin grp, etc. Its a good idea just implementing might not be so easy.

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