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"Good" Reporters' Reports are valued more than "Bad

Guest W13

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I want to encourage all members to REPORT well and accurately. Some people keep going on a 'reporting spree' - just reporting random stuff.

SO: all members should have this info stored with their user-id in the database:
"total # of reports submitted"
"total # of accurate reports"
"total # of inaccurate reports"

And you just divide to get an accurate % ... and people with 100% accuracy and a high # of total reports can be selected as Global Moderators (will make Admin's jobs easier)


Also- if somebody with MORE # of accurate reports sends in a report, it'd be nice if that is highlighted somehow...

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:whistle: This is why I thought the Report side of IP.Board would be absolutely awesome as a community-project, because these suggestions above could only be implemented into IPB releases, whereas a community project could see it updated reguarly.

But yeah, good suggestions :)

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