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Options Options Options (Page Title option)?

Guest Morrigan

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Its come up time and again, its now re-brought up in the general chat but I thought I'd suggest it because having to update it manually every upgrade can be un-amusing and actually tedious.

An option that you can choose the Index Page Title to change it from "(Powered by Invision Power Board)" to whatever you want without a file edit and not have to change it every time that you upgrade.

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It's perfectly fine to be known. I'm an IPB advocate. Have been since I was a user of IPB so many years ago, just loved the feel and look of the forum over any other! I still feel its better to be more easily edited, as I said the lack of a option in the ACP makes it to where every upgrade (when you notice it mind you if you don't remember) you must go make that manual update. If you're an advocate of upgrades this makes it both tedious and difficult.

Their link is in the footer and anyone that asks me where my spiffy forum software came from I tell them IPB. I also suggest it to those that want to make a successful forum.

Truthfully having a happy customer is better publicity then having a page title that says their name. As it's said, bad things go to 25 people where as good things go to 5 per customer. I consider this manual edit a bad thing so this will go to 25 people instead of me remembering to tell my five (at least) people of the fabulousness that you can edit this.

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