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Will I need MySQL 5 to run 3.0?

Guest Bamfer

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I have a question. Does my webhosts have to run MySQL 5 in order for IPB 3.0 to work?

I've been reading on here about a lot of effort on the coding side for 3.0 to take advantage of MySQL 5. My concern is that there are other sites running scripts on the same server my site is on that may not work with MySQL 5. My webhosts at the moment are not running any of their servers with MySQL 5 yet. They still run MySQL 4+.

Question, will my board work 100% if the board is still running MySQL 4? Or will the board miss some cool new functionality with 3.0 if it requires MySQL 5 to be installed?


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If your website is running on PHP4 ask your host about PHP5. Any good host will move you to a server with it available.
I'm with Wiredhub who I find to be brilliant. I asked them about PHP5 when it was announced IPB3.0 required it as a few years back they had previously said it would break too many of their customer's scripts. This time they moved my website over to a PHP5 enabled server quickly and with no problems. Time moves on I guess, but ask your web host.

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I think you are confusing MySQL with PHP.

IPB3 will use the new features and OO functionality in PHP5 and I think you will need PHP 5 at least in order to run IPB3.0 (any decent host should have PHP5)

The server I am on is running PHP 5.2.6. So I guess I am good to go then.

Thanks for clearing up the confusion. ;)
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I just found this. I thought I noticed it somewhere. http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showtopic=272171

The software will work on the MySQL 4.x database series but we will highly suggest using the MySQL 5.x version.

My question is this. What would be the reasons why I would move to a server that has MySQL 5.x installed? I just want to make sure I get the full functionality of 3.0.

Thanks! :)
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Only the IPS coding staff can answer that question

but at a guess I would say

Using MySQL4 the board will still function and I suspect all features will too but the coding will be less efficient and performance not as good.

Using MySQL5 will take advantage of new features so that the coding will be more efficient than required to do the same job in MySQL4 and the board will perform better using the performance improvement in the MySQL 5 server.

I would say though that most hosts should be able to offer MySQL5 today and if not I would change.

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