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This may or may not have cropped up before/elsewhere, but I was surprised to discover Ignored Users can add comments to user profiles as per normal.

Perhaps this (and other things, such as Last Visitor information etc) can be looked at for a future version so Ignored Users are actually ignored, otherwise the door is left open for potential harassment of members.

The more tools members have at their disposal (to deal with troublesome users themselves), the less babysitting board admins/moderators have to do :)

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Only if they somehow knew that the user didn't have their comments "screened" first (which they couldn't).

Anyhow that shouldn't matter, the point here is that if you are ignoring a person, you likely don't want their ramblings appearing on your profile!

The "ignore" system should do just that, ignore the user entirely, treat all aspects of the board as if they are not even there.

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