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Great News from IPS!

Guest Genestoy

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[b]Better uploading tools[/b]

In the past we've had numerous calls for [b]TRUE multiple attachments[/b]. You'll be pleased to know that we've fully integrated


into IPB3 for webservers that support it (which should be most). For those unfamiliar with this tool, it allows users to select multiple files in the Open dialog, and javascript then manages the upload queue for you. Another cool improvement is we now support upload progressbars with no additional server requirements! In addition, if you upload images, you'll see a thumbnail immediately, making it easy to insert the right image to your post, right where you want it.

This is the best news I have heard from IPS! I for one am looking forward to this change. I checked the SWF website and if I am reading it correctly (see code below) the admin will be able to set the maximum filesize allowed for upload for each separate file/picture uploaded. Certainly hope that is the case as I spend way too much time re-sizing large photos that were uploaded. Way to go IPS! :rolleyes:

void setFileSizeLimit(file_size_limit)
Dynamically modifies the file_size_limit setting. This applies to all future files that are queued. The file_size_limit parameter will accept a unit. Valid units are B, KB, MB, and GB. The default unit is KB.

Examples: 2147483648 B, 2097152, 2097152KB, 2048 MB, 2 GB
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