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Several more IPB 3 suggestions

Guest TrixieTang

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I know I mentioned these in other threads, but would likely get more attention seperately.

First suggestion, there should a way to set the required strength of passwords you can use, options to require.

  • Username or display name can't be the same as password
  • x characters or more
  • Lower case characters
  • Capitals
  • Numbers
  • Symbols

And a blacklist, where you can put in passwords or parts of passwords, such as banning 123 or abc from use as or in passwords.

Second suggestion, a lot of people have been reporting blank characters that can be abused, I suggest a blank character stripper that removes any of these the admin specifies from posts, names, etc.
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Now this is a great idea.
Oh like cpanel have a thing next to the password field where it has set random password and have a message be hind that saying if you use this feature make sure you write down the random password so you can use it to log in just in case you forget.

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