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Site Integration, Custom Blocks, Etc.

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Integrating IPB3 with my site is really, really important. I've been working on it, as a project, for the current IPB for a few months now (lots of data entry in between). I'll be done with it by late October.

The problem is, that's a TON of hard work I've put in, and I'm not sure how IPB3 will handle things.

Right now, I'm using something called Inferno to create custom blocks, to pull data from my forums. I don't think Inferno is being updated anymore, since the website is no longer up.

My question is...will IPB3 have something new for us to create custom blocks and slip them into our websites? I was hoping it wasn't just for a homepage, either...but for any page we wish to create, in any directory. That would probably be the most valuable feature I can think of to date.

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