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Well that's your opinion. I don't agree.

I don't even have staff. This isn't about me. But I don't know what you're even saying. Apparently you are saying a site owner is not doing their job if they don't know everything the staff is doing. Wel, if they ahve time to look at each move staff is doing BEFORE they do kit then they ahve enough time to not even need staff.

Personally, I think if you have people dishing out bans, they should be commenting their actions in the forum you have set up for private discussions between you and your admins, therefore there should be no reason not to know what is happening.

Not saying I agree or disagree with idea, just like in all things, communication is key; it's a forum, talk to eachother. :)
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What about just a custom page, like, they get banned, instead of getting the default error, it says, Sorry, you are banned from this site.

(and then the reason that the admin/mod enters)

i think that would be better. :P

Agree 100%. The reason why they are banned will eliminate them emailing you asking why.
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A forum [b]ISN'T[/b] a democracy.

yeah that's what we need is for all forums to be forced to run the way you want to run yours. lol

You won't find many sites that have more members than gamefaqs (millions... probably 3 or 4 million now, not sure) and they use an appeal system. Being a democracy and preventing abuse of power are not the same thing at all. You're implying the same thing that the other guy did, that appealing equals an automatic reversal of the action. If the action is upheld, then obviously this is not an example of democracy. It's an example of "just because person x has moderator permissions, they are not beyond being reviewed by the site owner, who created mods/admins for a reason... he/she is not there 24/7 to see who is being banned).

The first forum I ever went to had an admin who banned random people and changed their permissions. This is partly to prevent a moron from doing that and partly in cases where a moderator refuses to look at evidence the banned person gives, whereas the site owner (who matters more than anyone else obviously) may think the banned person's evidence is reaosnable.

Like I said, I will make it myself if IPS doesn't. But I am simply responding to say that just because you view a forum one way does not mean all other forum owners do. :)
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