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Report Manager additions?

Guest Morrigan

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Ok, I read the post about the new Report manager stuff which I'm really excited about!!!!!! but a big problem I can forsee is the continued problem in the control of the warn system.

I may want a moderator to be able to warn but the warn panel gives all options, suspend, disable and moderate. I think the options of warn need to be more monitored.
By this I mean that I should be able to give my normal moderators tha ability to warn but when they get to suspend/moderate stages that they start making it up to Global Mods or admins.
Its really difficult to mod when you don't have options you SHOULD have but at the same time its really difficult to moderate teh power when a mod SHOULDN'T have part of that power either.

Really taking this power away from a normal mod puts it on the admins to check on, but if you do have it on the normal mods you have to check that they are also not being overly harsh.

In a way what I'm asking for is a tiered warning system control or a better control of what certain moderator type groups can do like:
Moderator - 1-3 warns
Global Moderator - 4-6 warns
Admin - 7+ and you can setup the amount manually on a per site/percentage basis.
Or making it to where normal mods can't suspend/disable or any of that sort but globals can and admins are the only ones that can ban.

I really can't foresee large communities running well with just globals and admins warning people and I can even see small communities running well if those that can't warn should be warning either.

I hope that makes sense.

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I want the warn system to have the following features.

  • Mods/admins can select the warning percentage, either by allowing an input of the percentage, or a selection box, 5%, 10%, 15%, etc.
  • An "x warning percentage = ban (Options for IP, E-Mail, etc. as well)/usergroup change (Good if you have a miserable users mod or group with restrictions)/restrictions" feature
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I'd personally like to change the whole warn system, we don't really need a percentage (although being able to choose X amount would be good). For my board, I'd like for Moderators to simply be able to add a warn note to a user for everyone to see and if nessercery, to ban the user. I'd also like to choose the amount of time a Moderator can ban for, eg 24 Hours/28/72 and then an Administrator reviews and manages the ban afterwards.

Although yeah, I like this idea.


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