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Sort Paid Modifications

Guest Lindsey_

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This would be great to have on the IP.Resource site.


Would be nice to have a price sort list for the paid mods. I guess it could come under the advanced search area. It would go like from

Cheapest -> Most expensive


Most expensive -> Cheapest

Know what I mean ? lol

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Personally, I don't really see how this would be as much use, though thats my opinion, will see what others have to say.

Would this be of much use, would you personally look through all the paid modifications and just instantly look at the cheapest? I mean, would it actually change your opinion as if you were to buy something you were looking for anyway?

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not for me personally

When I require a mod or am in the mood for seeing what is available, I'll happily scroll through all mods & read any feedback / comments. if I feel it is appropriate I'll check out price & purchase

I can understand if it were an auction site etc but all Mods differ so viewing in range of cheapest to most expensive etc would be a waste of time because half the cheaper mods may be nothing to do with what I want & I'd rather just scroll through them accordingly

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I think AaronM summed it up pretty nicely.

Mods are not categorized by functionality, so sorting by cheapest to most expensive really doesn't have much relevance. Like if you go to Amazon, and you go to Groceries -> Food -> Coffee -> Decaf, it makes sense to sort cheapest to highest (or vice versa, etc.) because everything is of the same type of product. If you did that in mods you might get

Cool mod to add smilies to signatures $3
Allow hidden forum links $5
Signatures once per page $5
Ticket system $10

and so on (note, these are all fictional and made up just to illustrate the point). What relevance does it have in this situation, sorting by price?

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