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Suggestion regarding to custom profile fields

Guest DvirCohen

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I wanted to add some fields to the registration form.
Now, I couldnt use the custom profile fields beacause it doesnt connects with the data that already have a table cell.

for example, I wanted to add ICQ number in the registration, but there is already ICQ number field in ibf_member_extra, so If I'll add it, the ICQ number on the ibf_members_extra wouldnt be edited, which meanse the built ICQ field on the personal portal will remain unedited, so I had to programming it my self.

My suggestion is to have the ability of connecting custom fields with existing database fields, such as connection icq custom field to the icq field on ibf_member_extra..

From that idea I have another suggestion - to have the ability of deciding which options will be availible to select at the registration form.

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It would help make IPB more flexible. I wouldn't mind removing the ICQ thing altogether.

If they were all customizable you could easily remove it if you don't want it and keep it if you do, as well as add any other IM programs, like QQ which is popular in China, it would help IPB be more friendly internationally too if that were the case, thus why that's in my opinion the better option than keeping the current non editable IM fields. ;)
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