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Improvments in the next version

Guest zeroanarchy

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Hi Guys I have have been running boards since the Ikonboard days and I quickly moved across to IPB when Matt and Charles released the first version of the IPB. I will start by saying that the software has evolved in leaps and bounds and I love it.

The three areas I believe you need to pay considerable attention in the next version are:

1) SEO: I believe you plan on seriously improving this is release 3.0 that great news, I do hope you allow for FURL's.
2) Web Accessibility: This task should not be all that big, as an example changing the <b> to <strong> should not take all that long. The biggest issue I have come across is how scattered this issue is. I found it in Lang files, templates, Java script etc..
3) WC3 compliance:
This is a serious issue. I have managed to make my site 99% compliant but of course there are a few things that I can not improve as they are software related. For example emicon and BB code.

Here is an example of the extent of the problem.

  • FORUM VIEW (4 error, 3 warnings)
  • TOPIC VIEW (63 errors, 45 warnings)
  • BLOG VIEW (114 errors)
  • BLOG MEMBER (42 errors, 21 warnings)
  • BLOG ENTRY (91 errors, 3 warnings)
  • GALLERY VIEW (77 errors, 60 warnings)
  • GALLERY CAT (120 errors, 92 warnings)
  • GALLERY MEMBER (40 errors, 20 warnings)

The three main issues I came across:
  • [*]Missing alt tags inside <img> e.g. Alt=
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