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Hide Offline suggestion/Hide account suggestion

Guest Morrigan

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I don't like to compare softwares but I know phpBB has it and it sort of frustrated me that IPB doesn't have it:
A way to not show online status without using the full login page. An actual selection in the profile that allows a member to say "Show online" sort of thing.
If anyone needs a reason I have generic staff accounts that I use that I never want anyone to see online, ever! It would be beneficial to have this option so that I don't have to forcibly say "Show me offline" it sort of makes it hard if you forget because then you have to logout and then re-login forcing not to show online.

My other suggestion is an option to hide certain accounts altogether. By that I mean when you choose "Don't show" then it doesn't allow members to view the account at all so that if I don't want it to have a profile or don't want people to be able to fnd the profile its a lot less likely.

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