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Suggestion: Add a rel="nofollow" to outgoing links

Guest WebbyB

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Just wanted to to say how happy I am that you are inluding Search Engine Friendly URL's - Excellent!

I was reading through your blog posts regarding BB code:
That means if you want to add "rel='nofollow'" to your urls, you can do so without editing files. If you want to change the resulting HTML for a code tag, you can do so, right there in the admin CP. Similarly, the backend treats every bbcode as "custom" as a result, and every bbcode is treated equally.

Which I think is great - one question though:

I wonder if it is possible that you could create within the admin area an option for addng a, rel="nofollow" that is assigned to all links in the forum - and also a box underneath this to create a "Whitelist" so these links will not be effected?

It's good for stopping all the out going links that forums get from all the signature posts and posts etc - it will add value to your website aswell by cutting out linkspamming. If you would like some more information and rel="nofollow" check out:


Hopefully you can implement this (If it isn't too much trouble) :)

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