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Just leaving a message here as I don't seem to be allowed to post

I am hosted by IPS so I do believe I *am a customer. Itried logging in yesterday with my client are details but message returned was not allowed.

I have issued a ticket to my client area today.

I was registerd before then left IPB services and recently returned.

Ijust wanted to check and it won't even allow view ib skinning forum

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Yea I know its not feedback but it was the only place I was allowed... :lol:

Now I have been clearing cookies all day due to password problems for this board. What else can you advise because I am running fast out of ideas.

I generate a new password it works as soon as I use it, then logout. I come here again use the same password this time it does'nt work. I even once logged in made a new password that would not cause problems but when I logged out and tried to log back in with my own new password..I had to generate yet again.

I am now tired of new passwords. This new one is only good till I logout, betcha last dime I will need a new one generated tomorrow....groan.


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