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When will we see IPB3?

Guest bfarber

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Because this has been asked over and over and over again, and we really don't need any more of these topics in our feature suggestions forum, I'm posting this one pinned topic so everyone can see it.

Q: When will IPB3 be released?

A: IPB3 is expected to be released, in final version, by Q4 (that means, before December 31, 2008).

Source: http://forums.invisionpower.com/blog/ips_n...?showentry=2332

Q: What features will IPB3 have?

A: Any features we've been authorized by management to discuss will be posted in our blog. We will be posting regular updates, and intend to start putting out updates a bit quicker in our blog shortly, but if it hasn't been announced there, either (1) it won't be included, or (2) we haven't been authorized to tell you that it will be. Either way, please do not post topics asking if suggestion xyz is going to be included in 3.0, as we won't be able to answer.

Q: When can I / Can I download the beta?

A: We do not know yet, and once we do we will let you know. As we are gearing for a release in Q4, it's safe to expect it will happen by, or during, the fourth quarter of this year however. ;)

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I hate to be a rude lady but that sounds like your saying this forum for suggestions is useless.

I'm sorry, I'm going to reword that sentence if it's causing confusion.

What I meant to convey was "please don't ask if suggestion xyz going to be included with 3.0". If we haven't already announced it in the blog, either it won't be, or we can't tell you if it will be. You can make suggestions, just avoid posting topics asking if your suggestion will be included, as we can't tell you. :)
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Oh that I fully understand. I would not ask if its going to be in it.
I just ask for it, I think I have 3 suggestions so far.

Any way thanks for explaining it.
Oh and I am not in a hurry for 3.0 and do expect it out before 2009. All the features listed so far in the blog do seem very amazing and I look forward to seeing it.

Keep up the good work.

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I thought this topic was yet another idiot asking about 3.0 without bothering to check the six million other identical threads... :P

Same here .... :unsure:

Me too. :lol:
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Well, I'm not complaining! The quicker the better! I can beta test it on my new beta project, so that will work great! I wonder what versions of IP.Blog/Gallery we will have released too with IP.Board 3.0? I will be using both of them.

I just hope IPS isn't rushing it out because of the new upcoming vBulletin 4.0. I know they are squeezing out another minor version from 3.x series (3.8.x to be exact) in the next few months, and should roll out version 4.0 some time early next year.

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