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Guest Judy Barrett

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I want to be able to display profiles for my members on my IP board, but I don't want the members to have access to the whole member list.

As it is now configured, if I hide the member list from my members, they can't use the profiles.

I would find it *very* helpful if you made those two separate things.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Why can't they use the profiles if you hide the member list? You mean there is a setting to hide it? If so, I didn't notice that. I thought you meant you just hid the link to the members list itself.

Hmm well it could be a good feature if member list could be turned off and leave profiles there still.

As a temporary fix, you could hide the members list link itself, but then people who know the links could look at it themselves unless a file were modified to give an error when someonee tries to view it.

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