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Text Formatting

Guest Keano

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This is my third post...( don't really look here, should do lot of interesting topics, anyways)

I would like a feature where you can set what your text looks like...

I.e. if you want to colour green everytime you start a topic or replay your text will be green instead of manually doing it.

Lol I know it is lazy but I am lazy. This would be for all the other stuff also like size, font, underlined etc.

Thanks for reading Keano. (Hope this is input into IPB 3)

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The one reason why I would not like this is because lazyness is precisely what deters most people from always using a defined color, size, font, etc... If everyone could set it the forum would become a pain in the neck to read with 10000 different colors and settings.

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I hate it when people insist on making their posts "different" just to stand out, including the use of giant fonts, or colours (single or multiple) irks me. I'm ok with different font styles if absolutely wanted, but giant text, different colours, entire posts which are bolded are irritating. (IMO of course. ;))

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Just read 'text formatting' and I wonder if My question is at the right spot:

I'm a nOOb with IPB. And I try to do what I can.
Since I have a forum with most female members(there you go) I often hear the wish to change the word member in the top navigationpanel at the right, in something else. For instance 'Women', of 'yoni', to give an example.

I have checked the html header in the template where the word member is typed, and tried to change that, but it doesn't work out. :ermm:

:) I'm sure there must be a way that the word 'Member' can be replaced by something else.

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