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Report Pm feature

Guest Amy T

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This is some thing that would be very handy. I know I need some thing like this pretty badly.
About a week ago one member was sending insulting Pms to members but I did not find out until recently she was doing it as no one had reported them to me, Until the member who was sending the nasty PM's was accusing members of attacking her in the arcade.
I told her this is not try and then she showed me that look this member took over 100 arcade scores from me. I told her ok I will talk to the member whom you think is attacking you and see what she says.
I got a reply back from the member being accused and she said she was not attacking her but she was being sent some nasty PMs.
So in order to investigate I went into the database and found these nasty pms so I could have proof of what was going on. To my surprise I found a lot of PMs sent by this member, who is now no longer a member.

I do not much like invading peoples privacy by looking at Pms though the database but that was the only way I know for sure how to do it with out asking that member for the password, which I have also done though.

I have seen report Pm on a vbulitin site and it quotes the PM in the report but does not allow you to change the content of the original pm just add why you are reporting it. I do not know if thats a mod or a feature of vbulitin but its nice and would love to see it on this system.

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I agree. I've been co-administrator on a site for several years, and it was amazing how many people insulted and attacked others via pm's. If the pm's never were forwarded to an admin, we would never know. Report a pm would definitely be something I would like to see too.

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Private Messages are being replaced with Personal Conversations:


A report center is being added to centralize reporting:


This report center will have plugins for different areas of the board, including personal conversations.

This is all planed for 3.0.

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