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I miss something good to rate other users.
Something simple, with AJAX features and beautiful.

The users can rate to the users, some users: positive or negative - or excellent, good, normal, bad....
In the topic view a good graphic that shows the % (for example: stockgreen3bx5.gif )
And when you press in the image (AJAX) the show a window with all the data (votes, people, comments, and you can vote....)



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Thats actually a really nice feature, graphically speaking too even if its not enabled by default it would be nice like that. Or even if you could have it in your personal profile only not in topic view, ect.

Although I can't speak for others reputation, so play nice :P

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Am I missing something, or is this not exactly like the current rating system with the exception that it shows up in topics, or even possibly like 3.0's reputation system?

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