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Suggestion: IPB 3.0 - 11 Features

Guest .Every

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Hello guys,

these Features in IP.Board 3.0 would be great:

- Search Engine-Friendly URLs ( /forums/suggestion-ipb-30-11-features/ or /forums/suggestion-ipb-30-11-features.html )
- Printer-friendly pages with small CSS! ( or / and integrate printer-friendly pages in lofi version )
- Show threadstarter in post
- Download topic in OpenOffice format ( http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?...98&t=272188 )
- Ajax fast reply (like vBulletin)
- Advanced lofi version ( Login / Reply - like vBulletin )
- Threaded view with ajax ( like vBulletin - http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread....p;mode=threaded )
- Advanced moderator system - bann members / restrict members from profile view

- Option: First visit = all posts are read ( like vBulletin )
- Option: Allow admin to activate / deactivate %7Boption%7D-BBCode in Signature
- Option: Allow admin to activate / deactivate "My Friends" Feature

Thanks, Every

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Hey there :)

1. This is already being handled in IP.Board 3.0
2. I know there is a low CSS skin for mobiles, I guess that could also be used as a print skin.
3. I think this would be best like IP.Blog. That the authors posts get a different coloured background.
4. Don't really know about that, though could be useful
5. This was a heavily requested feature and I assume there will be something like it in IPB3
6. Already being done, check Rikkis blog post :)
7. Yeah that would be good, threaded needs updating :)
8. Not sure if it covers all of it, but check Brandons blog post 'Advanced User Management' I think it was called.
9. Should be optional in my opinion.
10. Check the BBCode blog entry by Brandon, IPB3 is capable of doing this :)
11. Yeah an option would be good.

Overall, some good suggestions, some of which will be in IPB3

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