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Old IPS Beyond Redirects...

Guest Wondering Soul

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As IPS Beyond used to have its own download manager, all the files that were there got added to the resources site. I noticed earlier that if you click a link to an old IPS Beyond hosted download, you get taken to the resources site but almost 100% of the time, you are shown a 404 Not Found error.

It appears to do this because the URL you get redirected to at the resources site is incorrect. For example, take this URL (saw it in a signature here):


That will redirect users to the following, which is incorrect:


The resources site doesn't use automodule, it uses appcomponent. If you replace the automodule part of the URL with appcomponant then you are immediately taken to the correct file:


I just noticed this and thought that maybe it should be looked into to help people to locate the things they have links to back at the old IPS Beyond site...


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