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Who has responded to my post/thread? - Suggestion

Guest Graeme S.

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I've been surfing quite a few forums recently that offer the ability to see who has quote or replied to a post you have written.

One of the forums works by providing a list of occurrences where someone has clicked the reply or quote button next to a person's post. It is then displayed as follows:

Another forum does something a lot simpler, but I find it just as useful. It simply lists "updated topics" where you have posted. So there is a link to "show replies" and it will list all the topics where you have posted and there are unread posts. It only lists the topics where there are unread replies.

Anyway, although some may argue these two features are useless, I honestly believe they are quite useful little features. They allow people to quickly respond to topics where someone may have asked a question, etc...

Just my 0.02 :). Take care and keep up the good work. <3 IPB.

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That's completely different though. He's wanting a list of users who have actually quoted himself.

I like it. It's a good way to keep track of who has most likely directed a post at you and may require additional feedback.

Yeah, that's really the point of it. Allows people to easily check where they may need to comment, or answer questions, or anything really. I suppose you could argue it's nothing more than a glorified time saving feature as you could in theory look through every updated post where you have written a message to check if you need to write/answer. :) Obviously not all of us have that many hours in a day ;).
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If you simply want to see who replied to your post by clicking "Reply" or "Quote" you can change the display mode to "Threaded" and see who replied under your post(s).

The problem with doing what you suggest is that someone can quote you without actually replying directly to your post. You can quick "Quote" and hit "Add Reply" and have a general reply while quoting more than one person. You can even quote someone from another topic in a new topic. A quote is pretty much text, and there is no real "link" to efficiently do this.

The only thing I can suggest is possibly adding an option to the search functionality for this. But other than that, it isn't a simple task.

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