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I saw a topic about the paid modifications being allowed on the resource site, but can't find it now so I had to make a new one and had no idea where to post this.

Basically I read the guidelines, but am not 100% sure how the process all works. Do I upload the ACTUAL program file just as usual? If so how is it set whether their payment has been received where they can download it?

Or do I put a placeholder type of file there and I myself send them the true file when they pay?

Also wondering what people use for their payment methods. With paypal it says only 5 transactions can be made involving credit cards within a year apparently??? That doesn't make sense.


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Hello :)

In simple terms, the paid resource section is an advert system, we allow authors such as yourself to advertise their work and how much it costs. You upload the file when you submit the modification to allow us (IPS Resources team) to validate the modification and that it works and is safe, after it has passed validation, the file is removed from the server, and no one can download it.

The script then redirects the user to your website, where they buy it off your site, you handle the payments, we just simply provide a little area for you to handle it.

Hope that helps a bit :)

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Oh ok, I understand now. Thanks.

I guess technically I could have a link directly to paypal and have the amount and all the other info with that also? Although may be better to do it directly through my site like that.

Do you happen to know what the deal is with paypal's site stating that only 5 credit card purchases can be accepted per account per 12 monthe regardless of account type? Surely I am misunderstanding that becuase that seems to make no sense.

Or maybe someone likes other online payment methods better? I probably should ask that in a different forum ara.

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I am unaware of that rule from PayPal, though I don't actually use it that often, but yeah, your best asking in another forum.

And for your query, you can just put a direct link to the PayPal buying area (I know vadim's paid mod does that )'

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Your Paypal account is the "Personal" type. This one is for the casual shopper who almost never receives money. Sending money is always free.

You are allowed to open a Premier or Business account in addition to your Personal account. This is what I did to handle to financial business associated with my Domains.

The Business account has a monthly charge, but the Premier account is free, so take the Premier option. (I think they're BOTH under a Heading that says Business. Confusing, but look carefully and you'll see the difference.)

You will be charged 1.9% - 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction for all Premier account transactions where you RECEIVE money. It's always free to send money, or to transfer funds to your associated savings/checking account.

For the amounts you're likely going to be receiving, figure on 2.9%. (The 1.9% is only applicable for LARGE monetary transactions.)

Once done, login and check "Merchant Services" for all the goodies like pre-made transaction buttons (Donate, Buy Now, Express Checkout, etc).

And definitely look at their "Sandbox" offerings. This allows you to completely test your transactions without any actual money changing hands. I altered the IPB Gateway to use this for testing, and it made testing a whole lot easier.

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No, the limits you mention ("5 transactions can be made involving credit cards within a year") are for the Personal Account only.

The Premier and Business Accounts have no limit on the number of transactions. You are simply charged 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, for every transaction where you receive money. Sending is still always free.

And you got a PM reply. I attached my sig on this post so you could see what I meant in the PM.

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