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Mark/Flag Topic For Review

Guest Brett B

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It would be neat to have an option to flag topics for review (especially on large boards where you need to quickly look through all topics/topic titles but don't have time to read all of them at once) so that you would remember which ones you wanted to read/come back to later. Perhaps when you flag topics for review, a link would pop-up next to "View New Posts" that you could click to see a list of marked topics.

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I've been begging for this ever since I bought the "Report Center" ( http://www.custombb.net/ ) modification. It works SOOO beautifully, it *NEEDS* to be a standard feature in IPB.

I want it to be a standard feature also because the modification isn't really updated (last update was early 2007 I think... )

(The other thing I've been BEGGING for is a standard bump feature ... I've been asking for this since 2002)

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