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Guest Morrigan

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Have a selection for category or forum.

I think it could help a lot of people, at least I think it could/would be easier in the long run, to have the ability to search either the parent category of the forum or the forum when you click on search.

Sometimes you could be in the right category but not the right forum so you either have to take the time to get to the parent category OR use the advanced search OR you have to do the search on the whole forum and end up with not enough results or not the results you wanted but I think that if you could search the parent category would help this problem at least in my opinion. It would really help me most of the time thats for sure because I think "Dangit why am I not in the category to search this? >_<"

It could also alleviate using the advanced search option for some as well. :D

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In my opinion, it should just go to 1 parent (which is what I think you mean,) to avoid problems with subforums.

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