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Why doesn't IPS have a pre sales forum? I know currently there's only the option of submitting a support ticket to get help with any pre IPB questions. This would help a lot because many people of the forum know many of these answerss already, and would be more than happy to help.

Currently, I'm seeing a lot of these questions already being asked in the feedback forum, so why not include a pre-sales forum?

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I don't understand why either, all people do is move onto another forum and post the topic, even though there are warnings all over and then a moderator or someone in the IPS groups replies with a stupid answer that gets them no where. I don't mean to pick on anybody.... so someone asks if a modification is available, why couldn't they just say look at the resources site, closed. Instead gotta quote the rules, blah blah, gets them no where. If we had an actual forum and maybe some FAQ posts, it could help people out instead of these useless topics that get moved around and clog up other forums.

I'm ranting off on this but if you contained all the do you...'s and can you's in one place you wouldn't find them all over the place. And in the unlikely even people could maybe use the search feature and find something. Again its not going to solve everything, but I think it should atleast be piloted and see how it works, and then scrap it. The redirect to the e-mail or contact page is ok but... it doesn't seem really effective or making a difference right now.


Support questions related to IP.Board or other IPS products are allowed only in the Customer-only forums on this site.

So to make this an effective statement when the guy is obviously not a customer, have a pre-sales forum so he can post his question and someone can say, yeah but look at the resources site or Invisionize and maybe he'll buy a license knowing that you can have a points system and arcade that plugs into it. Michael I don't mean to single out your post... I just saw it earlier and was the easiest to use for now... :P
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because many people of the forum know many of these answerss already

This was the problem before - people think they know the answers, but actually didn't. We had several cases where someone replied to a potential customer with incorrect information, and we'd then have to correct their assumption when they came to place their order. It gives a negative customer experience right from the off. We know the intentions of everyone here are good, but we don't think it's fair that new customers are given incorrect information. For that reason, we now ask people to send us an email or give us a call :)

In the next iteration of our website, we're planning to have a comprehensive FAQ that answers some of the more common questions, plus develop easier ways for people to contact us.
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